WomenInStories - Enhancing adult educators’ and senior women's digital competences for better access to tailored LLL opportunities for civic engagement and participation

The WOMENinSTORIES project promotes the aims of the EU Agenda for Adult Learning (AL) 2021- 2030 in placing AL high in the agenda of Member States as it can provide the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to create inclusive, sustainable and resilient societies. As we navigate through ever more complex challenges (democracy, migration, refugees, aging population, technology, Covid-19, etc.), AL, is crucial and can contribute to making our culturally diverse societies stronger, cohesive and stable.
The E&T Monitor 2020 reports that participation in AL is lower than before the COVID-19 pandemic, with an EU average of only 9.2 % of adults (women: 10.0 %, men: 8.3 %) aged 25-64. This indicates that reaching out the target of 15% set is even harder than before. 

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