📅Between April 22nd and 23rd, 2024, Citizens Act participated in the final transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ Project ‘WakeUpCities’ in Brussels, Belgium.

💯The project’s primary goal is to enhance collaboration between urban scientists and youth workers. Additionally, it seeks to amplify the influence of youth work by fostering dialogue, piloting, and integrating urban science methods such as placemaking, public participation, and participatory planning into the realm of youth work.

👉During the meeting, the consortium discussed the final tasks of the project, including the pre-Confest training of trainers, the methodology, and fostering dialogue and action in urban spaces. Also, the opportunity arose to hold a Confest, where participants could engage with urban scientists, youth workers, and stakeholders in dialogue and workshops on youth-led placemaking.

🌟🏙️ #UrbanYouth #Placemaking #WakeUpCities

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