UpToYOU(th) Festival 2023!

On the 23rd of September 2023, CitizensAct participated in the 7th Youth Festival in Nicosia organised by the Youth Board of Cyprus.

The NGO Fair, co-organized with the NGO Support Centre and the Cyprus Youth Council, with the dynamic participation of 70+ Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other organizations and institutions. The main aim of the fair is to offer opportunities to young people who want to engage actively in matters that are important to them, including topics like the environment, human rights, culture, volunteering, and others.

During the festival, CitizensAct:

  • Presented the actions and the vision of the NGO
  • Informed the participants about the Learning Hub initiative which offers lifelong learning opportunities to everyone
  • Organised an environmental activity for young people to create their own self-watering pot with recycling bottles
  • Participated in open discussions to share knowledge, ideas and best practices with other NGOs/youth organisations etc.

Through this participation, CitizensAct gives a voice to the youth and promotes their active engagement in society!

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