There was no better way to celebrate the World Refugee Day!

On the 16th of June, citizens and advocates from all walks of life gathered at Faneromeni Square to celebrate World Refugee Day.
CitizensACT team took an active role, showcasing their commitment to supporting refugees and fostering inclusivity within society.

The Refugee Street Festival, organized by the Cyprus Refugee Council and the Bridges for Tomorrow provided a vibrant platform for education, cultural exchange, and unity, as people came together to honor the resilience and strength of refugees around the world.

Celebrating World Refugee Day:

World Refugee Day, observed annually on the 20th of June, is an occasion to recognize the courage and determination of individuals who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, or violence. It serves as a reminder of the global refugee crisis and highlights the need for compassion, understanding, and support for those seeking safety and a chance to rebuild their lives.

CitizensACT, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social inclusion and advocating for the rights of vulnerable communities, actively engaged in the Refugee Street Festival as part of its commitment to creating a more inclusive society.

Visitors of the festival had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant atmosphere filled with music, art, traditional crafts, and delicious cuisine from various regions of the world. CitizensACT promoted also the Erasmus+ Project called #InterculturalTrialogues that aims to address barriers to participation by providing youth centers and migrant youth with tools to enable diverse communities to access and influence the governance of these spaces.

We also invited vulnerable people to join our free digital and entrepreneurial classes that are organized every Thursday through our initiative ‘The Learning Hub’ in close collaboration with Emphasys Centre. Participants were also asked to write what ‘Inclusion’ means to them and hung their answers on the Tree of Hope!

Together, let us honor the courage and resilience of refugees and strive to build a future where everyone can live with dignity and opportunity.

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