New Pathways - Identifying and Promoting Best-Practice in Supporting Long-Term Unemployed Adults into Education Pathways’

The New Pathways project is an Erasmus+ KA2 Small-scale project that targets its own consortium through identifying and promoting innovative best practices that support long-term unemployed adults to overcome barriers of access and access education pathways to quality employment, through bringing together the expertise and capacities of a consortium that engaged with these communities from different angles (formal education, non-formal education, community building, research, and advocacy) into a sustainable network.
This project will also provide a network to these NGOs both from within the consortium and with the key stakeholder in adult education, this project’s mobilities will bring staff into contact with them.
All these will be achieved through the development of:

  • National and comparative indexes on innovative practices, in publication format
  • Intensive capacity building of staff of the five consortium organisations
  • A sustainable network developed and launched
  • Stimulated High-Level Political and community dialogue on barriers to access to adult education
  • Grown consortium Capacity to engage in future KA2 action
  • Principles of Accessibility for, in the particular migrant background, long-term unemployed adults within adult education


IWM Projects – For a better Future


CGE – Culture Goes Europe


Eurobug, International Youth Work Training and Collaboration Ltd.


CitizensACT – Centre of Active Citizens For Sustainable Development 




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