From the 9th until the 13th of May, 2023, the KA210 partnership in the field of Adult Education #WakeUpCities #TrainingOfTrainers event took place in beautiful Berlin, organized in collaboration with Urban Foxes, Culture Goes Europe – CGE and CISR Berlin. 25 Placemakers were brought together from various fields such as architecture and peacebuilding to explore urban regeneration and participation initiatives in Berlin and learn from each other’s backgrounds.

Our objective was to introduce new actors and methods, particularly focusing on youth-led approaches to placemaking, while fostering networking and professional exchange among participants.

Here are some of the highlights from the event:

  • On the first day, we were honored to have the Minister of Youth from the Flemish Region of Belgium join us for a presentation.
  • We spent three days at Platz*Da in Rummelsberg, a newly established urban space dedicated to the local community. Our group of Placemakers worked together to create physical, social, and conceptual infrastructure to support the development of this space.
  • Throughout the event, we visited notable places in Berlin such as Haus der Statistik, Holzmarkt, Tempelhof, and the Floating University. We also embarked on the Brachland audiowalk in Weissensee, which allowed us to connect with the district’s history through the voices of its residents.

Now, we will reflect on our learnings from the project, and our consortium will meet to explore how we can further build upon this experience in future initiatives.

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