CitizensACT is a newly established non-for-profit organization based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The aim of this NGO is to help vulnerable entities, promoting active citizenship among all citizens regardless of their age, gender, colour, religion, ethnicity, language or abilities.

CitizensACT is an organization that is mainly consisted of volunteers who share a common thing; the need to give and help vulnerable people and anyone in need, as well as the environment every one of us lives in. This NGO promotes and encourages civic engagement, participation, access, and social inclusion with aim of social change and innovation.


Its mission is to motivate and engage all citizens through various types of activities (educational, cultural, environmental, digital, social etc.) in order to improve their competences, upgrade the quality of their lives and contribute to the sustainable development of their community or region while accepting the diversity and multi-culturalism nature of the European setting. Despite the nationality and educational background has special care for the young people and the elderly whom it aims to reach out to, support, and empower thus minimising marginalisation and exclusion from society and the economy. It is among our mission to bring the two generations together through inter-generational learning and social activities.


Its vision is to build resilient societies with motivated, active, and determined citizens who share the common values of respect, freedom of speech, equality, and acceptance of all people. We visualise a society where all citizens are integrated and included in all fields of education, employment, health, and housing. The ultimate vision is to empower all citizens to participate in democratic life, fight for their dreams, invest in their talents, and work hard to reach them in whichever field they are.

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