🌿 Second Transnational Meeting of AgeinGreen! 🌍

πŸ“’ On April 25-26, 2024, the second transnational meeting of the AgeinGreen project was successfully conducted online, aligning with one of the project’s core values: transitioning our needs to environmentally friendly solutions.

πŸ‘΄πŸΌπŸ‘΅πŸΌ The AgeinGreen project aims to educate senior citizens about environmental challenges such as climate change, emphasizing the importance of green transitioning and sustainable practices in today’s society. Through intergenerational learning materials and opportunities, the project strives to engage all generations in the fight against climate change.

πŸ” During the meeting, partners discussed guidelines for environmentally friendly practices (WP2) and provided valuable feedback. Additionally, MAPA and IAT partners shared some example of local best practices with the consortium, which will contribute to the creation of the treasure hunt. Lastly, partners discussed updates and news regarding the dissemination strategy and project management.

🀝 A heartfelt thank you to our online host, GantalcalÑ La Rioja (Spain), the project coordinator, Institut Antona Trstenjaka za gerontologijo in medgeneracijsko sozitje (Slovenia), and our partner organizations Fundacja Mapa Pasji (Poland) and M3 MCube Association (France) for their excellent collaboration.

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