Environmental – Climate Change - Sustainable Development

Promoting environmental friendly mind-sets for all citizens

Culture And the Arts

Preserving our culture and customs, promoting the talents of young people in the arts

Employability & Inter-Generational Learning

Empowering young people with skills & bringing the two generations together through inter-generational learning 

Well-Being, Health & Sport

Keeping, fit and healthy, both mentally and physically is among our aims and activities

Empowering young people to reach out to explore their talents and pursue their dreams.

Ensuring the digital inclusion of senior citizens can upgrade the quality of their lives

Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit, initiative and creativity of all can lead to social change

‘Νους υγιης εν σωματι υγιεί’ – Healthy body and healthy mind go hand in hand

Our cultural heritage and our roots will lead to the future of the next generation

Become a Volunteer at Citizens ACT!

And make a difference!

Volunteers are the heart of a community. Our volunteers are a valuable resource for our fast-growing, fast-paced organisation.

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